Scenario 1/Speeches/The Night Concert


Night Music: the Grand Concert
Offering an open hand on behalf of all Citizens;
A presentation of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra, and the Ministry of Culture; conducted by Kapplemeister Becca Mylotaxa,

After lengthy negotiations, permission has been granted by the Peer Population’s representatives for one hundred musicians, dignitaries and support staff to enter VASSA town and host a Grand Concert. The matter has been public for some two weeks, and excitement and speculation are building on all levels of the City.

“This is an opportunity of the first importance. Everything must be perfect. The citizens who have the honor to preform or attend represent the entire City; but also carry the torch of our great culture to new lands, and most importantly to a new people. All that comes after flows from this one event; we shall seduce them with an offering of true beauty. We expect great humility, extraordinary sensitivity, and the heartfelt expression of brotherhood in the artists lucky enough to be chosen for this signal moment.

Kudos and honor accrue to Secretary Nox and his team at the Ministry of Culture for finally securing passage beyond the long-standing cultural interdict at Barter town. We would be remiss in failing to acknowledge the personal contributions of the prodigal son: virtuoso first violinist Glabius. Honor is to Glabius and others who have labored tirelessly to charm and convince the Peer Population of our friendliness, worth and sincerity.

Entertainments will include selections by the Municipal Symphony orchestra; there will also be formal and impromptu performances by orators, dancers, harlequins, and puppetry for the children. The official program is a matter of speculation; by reputation the maverick Kappelmeister Mylotaxa enjoys the element of surprise, and has been known to solicit the opinions and share performance decisions with her trusted rank and file musicians. She has our every confidence.

The Great Event is scheduled for midmonth next, a date set by the Halflings. Our hosts have offered accommodations at the festival grounds for some of our people. The remainder are assigned to quarters some distance away at the commercial and rail terminus buildings. Our hosts plan to hold a series of dinners or feasts in honor of the moment at the festival grounds.

We have secured permission to include still and moving picture photography to chronicle and share the moment with the entire population. Video will stream live and be projected in places of assembly. A City-wide holiday and day of thanksgiving commences at fourth watch so that all Citizens may participate. Video will be made available in the workplace for those employed at critical City systems.”

-Words of the Council of Sixteen

An opportunity to steer the program presents itself.

Kapplemeister Becca Mylotaxa: a great artist. Outside of practice, she is a calm and genial leader. She is a true artist and cares deeply about all things music. She is an expert in traditional forms, the phrasing of ancient orchestral styles, and even gently encourages explorations in ‘modern’ interpretative or avant garde forms.

The Grand Concert performance’s management is of three persons, with the Kappelmeister at top. She is accustomed to steer content and is basically independent from her superiors at the Ministry of Culture. In short, they trust her to make the right decisions based on what she sees on the ground. Below the Kappelmeister, there is a Master of Dance, and a Master of Voice (singing, oration, and whimsical entertainments). Becca Mylotaxa has given each of the Masters freedom to act as they see fit, or “follow their muse” coordinating only during the main performance.

Sure enough, Kappelmeister Becca Mylotaxa solicits the opinions of the rank and file performers of the Orchestra. Addressing the assembly she states: “You have my confidence. Over the months since the announcement, together we have drilled and practiced some of the most challenging evolutions in the standard repertoire. You represent the finest orchestra assembled in some five hundred years. This is our moment to shine! For those who could not be here, represent. Humbly and in earnest, we call down inspiration; petition the Muses and ask: what shall we preform?”

Players are encouraged to suggest descriptive terms and shape a musical program.

Descriptors such as:
Baroque, Romantic, Choral
Playful, Danceable, Dynamic
Narrative, Accompanied,
Upbeat, Triumphant, Exuberant
Calm, Subdued, Subtle
Martial or Bombastic, Intimate
Dramatic, Sweeping, Simple
Melancholy, Rigid, Structured

Or players may simply suggest a piece in the style of a particular composer, such as:
Telemann, J.S. Bach, Vivaldi
Handel, Dvorak, Mendelsohn
Brahms, Beethoven, Mahler
Ravel, Stravinsky, Prokofiev,

Scenario 1/Speeches/The Night Concert

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