Scenario 1/Speeches/Survey is Authorized

Salubrious’ Speech:

“It’s an exciting time! We are not alone! In having made contact with a true peer culture a new sense of purpose, and a worthy outlet for creativity, passion and excellence has at last been found. We have found the ultimate mirror to reflect and inspire our accomplishments, our urbane sophistication, and our will to comprehend.

Historically the search for the extraterrestrial; for the answers to the difficult questions posed by isolation; the search for our collective origins, and for similar conundrums has shown few real rewards. Viewed from the perspective of the recent discovery of the so called endless caverns, previous explorations were so many mining operations; futile.
This is a new day! Votes have been cast, and Survey has been authorized.
Comprehensive social and economic reorganization to realign our collective effort for exploration is in the pipe; announcements about new project areas and work assignments will be ongoing.

Here at the Council, we sincerely wish all of you the very best luck in selection for year 4.220 conscription! It’s pretty safe to say this year’s class won’t spend their time refurbishing the transport hub, or categorizing interesting lichens! Be assured that behind each Survey Explorer is a legion of dutiful workers crafting the hardware, clothing, victuals, and wetware needed to insure mission positive. Know that the dangers and hardships risked by Survey are met and mirrored by toil and privations at home, as required by the dictates of mission positive.

At home, a legion of analysts will chew over every scrap of data. They toil in the shadows so that others might dream! Bioscience project Avatar has instituted the crash testing of a prototype, with the intention of putting an uplinked simulacrum in the field at the earliest opportunity. Speculation is rife and reliable information short, but the talk is that social protocol and translation would be supported.

As we take these first tentative steps into a new world, we proceed with care and reverence for our cradle the Earth and its many splendored occupants. Know that we take this step together, as a society. We know who we are; we shall be ambassadors of civic virtue. We shall act deliberately, informed by the lessons of harmony and the iron dictates of ecological balance. Henceforth, we are all students with Gnosis, or total knowledge, the ultimate goal. We shall embrace and encompass the richness of every experience, good or bad.

Time immemorial citizens called to Survey met and overcame challenges and were honored by the term Survey Explorer. This is a new world, like nothing we have seen in 1,500 years. In keeping with this fact, and the promise of new discovery, we have coined a new honorific: Astronaut. Today we send fourth a team of astronauts.”

-Address delivered by Tribune Salubrious, Speaker for the Counsel of Sixteen, year of the City 4.220

Scenario 1/Speeches/Survey is Authorized

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