Scenario 1/Setting/Citizen Characters

Citizen Characters

Cut off from the surface and from the political and cultural center on the Plane of Water, thrust deep into the plane of Earth, trapped fragments of several cultures are forced to cooperate and eventually grow together, despite strong differences. A series of ‘surveys’ are sent out over hundreds of years in vain attempts to reach the surface (there doesn’t appear to be one) or hopefully the Capital. The PCs belong to the latest attempt. Armed with the latest biotech tunneling and transport gear, they venture into the underdark; a web of caverns said to connect the planes themselves.

The party is made up of members of a cultural and artistic embassy.

The group is large and many NPCs will be present during the initial action. Citizens have been selected for having particular skill sets; this is not an adventuring party. Besides linguists, socialists, anthropologists, biologists, and ecologists (internal security), the group includes an entire symphony orchestra, dancers and puppeteers.

This is basically a large group of musicians, academics and nerds. Players may bring in other professions as characters, the list is just a suggestion.
Please generate 3 characters: 2 drones (zero level) and 1 citizen (first level).
• All characters hail from Alpha Complex.
• Racial types are Gnomes, Orcs, or Dwarves.
• All classes are available.
• Zero level characters are ‘undeclared’, or classless characters.
• Even drones are cultured and highly educated. This templet is the basis of all Alpha Complex characters, i.e. cumulative with class features.
• D&D levels correspond to the following Alpha Complex titles:
• 0 Drone 1 Citizen 2 Specialist 3 Technician 4 Expert 5 Master 6 Savant 7 Magister, etc.

Drone or undeclared character format “Underlubricator Nesbitt”:
• Normal racial features
• One hit die (d10); 10 hit points (this will be in addition to any received later at 1st level)
• Language Proficiencies: Metro (City Common), Halfling (Cavern Common)
• Tool Proficiencies: choose any two (2) (musical instrument, arts, etc.)
• Armor Proficiency: none
• Weapons: simple weapons, firearms training
• Saving Throws: WIS (this will be in addition to any received later at 1st level)
• Skills: choose any two (2)
• Advanced Training: choose any two ‘professional’ skills at +2 bonus
• 30% chance of a starting Feat (select from abridged list)
• Available Feats: Alert, Actor, Dungeon Dweller, Healer, Inspiring Leader, Keen Mind, Linguist, Magic Initiate, Observant, Ritual Caster, Skilled, Skulker, Tavern Brawler.
• Typical professions: academics (scholarship, library sciences, research, etc.), industrial agriculture, animal husbandry, bio sciences (zoology, botany, etc.), civil service, construction, chemistry, defense, entertainment/performance/arts, exploration, engineering, ecology/internal security, manufacturing, maintenance, medicine, and teaching. This is a partial list.

Scenario 1/Setting/Citizen Characters

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