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System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
Start: July 25, 2015
Title: Survey Team 4 and the Search for the Sundered Realm
Flavor: fantasy, adventure, combat
See: Brian Aldiss, Helliconia Spring. Brian Aldiss, Hot House. The Paranoia setting of Alpha Complex, Gamma World 1st Edition, Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed.
Media: notifications by email; players forum, documents, maps, etc hosted by Granite Portal; in person the archive of printed illustrations, maps and setting FAQs from past sessions is available.
Mission Statement: ideally to provide fun, dynamic gameplay with some mortality, rewards, and character development.

“Cut off from the surface and the political and cultural center on the Plane of Water, thrust deep into the Plane of Earth, trapped fragments of several cultures are forced to cooperate and eventually grow together, despite strong differences.

A series of surveys are sent out over hundreds of years in vain attempts to reach the now legendary surface (there doesn’t appear to be one) or hopefully the Capital. The PCs belong to the latest attempt. Armed with the latest biotech tunneling and transport gear, they venture into the underdark; a vast web of caverns said to connect the Planes themselves."

What has Jason been reading lately: Hot House, by Brian Aldiss; Rubicon, by Tom Holland; The Conquest of Gaul, by Julius Caesar; City by David Macaulay.

Recent reviews of Survey Team 4 and the Search for the Sundered Realm:

“…A real time suck…”

Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

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