Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

Session 2 XP

All characters receive 20 xp for the session. The explorers who were more active practicing archery with the local sentries, preforming modest day trips for skills building or collecting, or politicing (including Ezikiel MacSweeny, Garbharr, Snurfdar, Famjen, and Gaerdain Ungart) all receive an additional 15 xp.

Famjen specifically spent time with Bhat, the Myconid priest of the Cult of Cerus. He has learned a new cantrip, with a spell slot, any school of magic. Similarly, Gaerdain Ungart made a tenuous bond with a strange, bent crone known around Vasa as ‘Strega Nona’. For that he will also gain a cantrip. More on the witch later…


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