Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

Session 1 XP

Dave, please make this available to Owen. I’m delighted he could come. If he would like to receive emails, let me know.

I hope you all enjoyed the first session. There are some consequences that I’ll deal (partially) at the end of this message. If any of you have the time and inclination to communicate with each other or with me about
1. Questions that arose in game play/next steps
2. Directions you’d like to go in or the carving out of new roles for your characters (the Survey needs managers, and everyone knows there will be an ‘away team’)
3. anything else

A note about leveling up: all experience point thresholds (i.e. 300 x.p. to graduate to 2nd level) are doubled. It’s 300 x.p. to reach 1st level.

So, all characters received 20 x.p. for seeing the Endless Cavern.
All participants (musicians or performers) get 20 x.p. for the concert.
All Citizens that attended the ceremony at the Sacred Place and belong to the Cerus cult receive 15 x.p. all others that just attended get 5 x.p.
Jeb, Zed and Azekiel get 15 x.p. each for initiative shown on day one. They also got about 20 Thalers from the crowd. Everyone has about 8 more Thalers left over from the coin issued at day 1.
Azekiel gets 50 x.p. for his P.R. efforts.
Glimturin (the Orc ?)gets 15 x.p. for the boxing match.
Dr. Dargain and Professor Mirin may split 50 x.p. for discovering a new species/new area of study (the Termights).
Dr. Famgen gets 40 x.p. for his efforts in discovering 5 new species (4 plants and one animal: the pest species).
Professors Myr and Mirin Stonefoot (not sure if these are the right PCs, you guys know who I mean) who went back and collected the disintegrator rifle, each get 25 x.p. and a warning from Internal Security for having attempted to smuggle it into the City.

Despite (or due to inside help) Ministry Troopers descending on the facility for the Survey Team ceremony, Garbhar was able to hide the pistol and shotgun the guards lent him. When examined the shotgun is loaded with “TC” tranc gas grenades (6) and “APF” armor piercing flechette grenades (4) in a holster on the stock.

Manager Azekiel is field promoted and is the ranking Citizen on the spot(at the moment).

The Survey is still a Ministry of Culture operation, nominally.

All non-City Year personnel are evacuated to the City after debrief.

Any character you want to keep, please make an argument for it ( see note # 2 above, they are still in play, at labs).

A word about the artifact: if anyone else (besides a noble with political friends in high places) had tried to smuggle it into the city, they would be in chains about now. As the group is debriefed, it comes out who was involved and you are all “entrusted with state secrets” -sworn to secrecy. Any of the players that wish it may be part of the study of the relic. The video taken at the Vassa Sepulcher/City Slime lair raised questions for the very smart people at Ecology (they’re not all bad, really) and an INTERDICT has been placed on the relic. It’s too dangerous to bring into the habitat. A laboratory will be build ASAP, at a location negotiated with the Vassa.



Just for the record:
Glim has 350 XP (300 for 1st level, 50 for the session)
Daergain has 60 XP
Mhurren has 65 XP

Session 1 XP
launerj666 launerj666

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