Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

Session 1 Initial findings on the relic

Item recovered from within the Peer Culture’s National territory.

1. A senior archivist (with M.Culture) has found references to this particular object.
2. It was manufactured. We made it; I mean the Father Culture did, about four thousand years ago.
3. Its a weapon. It can blow holes in pretty much any material. It was made for war; i.e. mass murder.
4. The weapon is live; warm to the touch. We haven’t tried firing it, yet.
5. There is no power source (we know of) that would be viable after this much time.
6. We think it might draw power directly from it’s environment by a process(s) unknown. This is not consistent with the original design.
7. Somehow this inert manufactured object was changed or modified, at some point.
8. Although it’s implausible, this object may have been the agency behind a death (one Daphnine Tenbraun, a Vassa). We’ll need to explore this carefully.
9. —redacted content—

That is all.


launerj666 launerj666

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