Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

Session 1 Forum, Consequences and the Relic Examined

Theo and I started a little discussion about what he’d like to see.
My response, and a little more follow up. I’m going to single out a few characters for consequences. If anyone thinks that’s not cool-let me know.

Unless Matthias, Theo and Owen are uncomfortable with this storyline, Myr and Dargain’s gambit with the relic has cost his family and reputation, a little. He (Dargain) finds out a few things: he has a new enemy (not sure who yet), and old enemies in the upper circles of City society have taken note of the disfavor (i.e. he has been publicly slandered and outed). A little digging reveals that his file, and the files of the Gnome Myr, and the Goblins Garbhar and Snufdar all have been flagged by Ecology. This is not good. Fortunately, no one at his employer, the Ministry of Bioscience gives a shit about all that.

Despite the stigma, several of you are on hand for the arrival of the heads of the Ministries of Magic and of Applied Technology. Under controlled circumstances, the relic is examined and several very strange and inexplicable characteristics are posited. As follows:

1. A senior archivist (with M.Culture) has found references to this particular object.
2. It was manufactured. We made it; I mean the Father Culture did, about four thousand years ago.
3. Its a weapon. It can blow holes in pretty much any material. It was made for war; i.e. mass murder.
4. The weapon is live; warm to the touch. We haven’t tried firing it, yet.
5. There is no power source (we know of) that would be viable after this much time.
6. We think it might draw power directly from it’s environment by a process(s) unknown. This is not consistent with the original design.
7. Somehow this inert manufactured object was changed or modified, at some point.
8. Although it’s implausible, this object may have been the agency behind a death (one Daphnine Tenbraun, a Vassa). We’ll need to explore this carefully.
9. Someone mentioned the term “the curse of aberrant technology”. I’d like that struck from the record. We need to concentrate on science, people, not some witch hunt.

That is all.

On other news, popularity of the Cerus cult has overtaken the official state religion. New converts are probably hedging bets by attending several congregations (as the worship of Kronos, lord of orderly time has not declined). The Ministry of Facilities (Engineering) has come out publically as an organization “in the image of Cerus”. No doubt there will be others!

Theo’s forum topic:

Overall I really like this setting. Let’s talk in person about what happens next. From your question (Directions you’d like to go in or the carving out of new roles for your characters) I take it that you want us to drive the action and make some choices at this point, but it’s a little hard to sort out over email.

I think it makes sense that the first session was more dictated to us, but from your question, I assume you want us to drive things going forward. If the City is just going to dictate a mission to us instead, that’s ok – but just tell us and let us know what decisions we have when they come up; that way we won’t have missed expectations on our roles.

In character:

Basically the Fangtooth brothers will follow orders.

The oldest brother really, really wants to get out into the world – not out of a sense of exploration but in order to get out from the stifling conformity of the City. He is politically totally inept though so he won’t really know how to advocate for that to well. Since he’s the only Culture Security PC, probably he’ll go with Famjen (suave youngest brother) to the Culture Security guy and ask/demand to be appointed security on an away mission.

The middle brother basically just does what the other two are doing. He wants to keep the three together.

The youngest (Famjen) also wants to get out into the world, but more out of discovery than out of discontent. He’s an Acolyte of Cerus and a biologist, and he wants to see the xenobiology of the caverns for both religious and intellectual reasons. He’s a bit more politically astute than the others so he’ll go to Azekiel (Dave’s PC) and Betta (?) with a suggestion: 12 of us (ie the PC’s) should accompany the silk trade mission on their 10 month round trip. That’s the perfect way to see the rich diversity of the caverns.

Out of character:

I’m trying to balance between a few factors:
1) displaying authentic motivations for my characters while respecting their position. Realistically there’s no reason why my 3 PC’s would influence the course of the 98 overall (they’re overall low-status/low-influence characters); so I’m giving their motivations but not assuming that they have total free reign.
2) trying to keep the group of PC’s as a single unit. This is a little artificial because there’s not any specific tie between our 12 PC’s vs the 100 overall; but I think we should hand wave over that and form a smaller PC group that is led by one PC (I assume Dave’s Azekial), that will be more fun than always being members of a group of 100 led by an NPC.
3) trying to turn the PC’s in general into an active driver of events vs passive observer (in line with my opening observations).

I’d suggest we discuss these 3 things at the beginning of the next session.

GMs reply:

Until Deputy Inquisitor Ash is squirted from it’s pod, Dave’s character Azekiel is in charge. So far as the city is concerned, the Brothers Three can leave any time; more biology work to do and this is consistent with how they’ve operated in the past.

They would be issued a medium range wireless set, but until the radio tower and receiver facility and repeaters are installed, they would be on their own. That said, you may want to make another character to stay with the main effort.

All Citizens not on City Year are sent home (all the musicians) to be replaced by scientists, construction workers and other specialists as soon as a facility is ready for them.


Glim is my character on City Year. He wants to help set up the lab and be part of the effort to study the artifact. He wants to know if it has anything to do with the person languishing in the City Slime chamber, and if they can be saved. He also wants to find out if the Vassa use any unfamiliar arcane techniques or other biotech such as the termite secretions. He will also apply himself to learning the Vassa language.

Mhurren is also very interested in accompanying the caravan on their ten-month tour. I want to make him into a Ranger when he hits 1st level. He’s been training with various hand weapons useful in tunnel fighting.

Daergain is excited about the vast ecosystem that’s grown up in the Vassa’s caverns. There’s plenty to study in the Metro area, but he would happily go with the caravan. My plan is to graduate him to Druid when he gets to 1st level.

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