Survey Team 4 the Search for the Sundered Realm

Player and NPC Roster

The Oil Trade

There are 14 members of the Away-Team, charged with finding a passage to the City-State of Tantala, and to safely deliver an ambassador to that court. Of the group, 9 are player characters and 5 are non-player characters.

That means there are 14 ring-wraiths as well, for symmetry’s sake.

The group has joined the commercial oil fleet, operated by co-owner and Navigator Flor Grimsock, of Vassa town. Travel time to Tantala is estimated at approximately 20 to 35 twenty-four hour cycles (days). Approximate distance is 500 kilometers +/- 50 km.

Harbor time at Tantala, including trade, and refit is two weeks.

The fleet will then push on along the island (mountain) chain due South for the Oil Place and eventually the City-State of Trebuli Mutina. The Oil Place is situated on a medium sized island some 550 kilometers from Tantala; and Trebuli Mutina is some 550 kilometers further along.

Work gathering the crude and trading with the Hivers who have a city there generally takes one month.

Total one-way travel time from Vassa Town to Trebuli Mutina is somewhere between 104 and 149 days.


Regional Destinations:

Microclimates or Districts:
The Trackless Caverns
The Estuary/Great Torrent Headwaters
The Edge of the Veldt
Mountains and Mines
The Narrow Way
The Sunless Sea

Tantala Metro a city several week’s travel into the veldt, on an arm of the estuary. The town is built into a massif, and burrowed underground, with a protected harbor built into a cavern below the cliff face. This is a jumping off point for journey to the oil place, Dhole holes, and the Midden pile area. Carved into the huge down hanging rock above is Tantala Superior, an ancient place some two thousand years old.

Vada Volterrana a city several week’s journey into the south; accessible only from the South Shore or by sea. Roughly equidistant from Vassa and Tantala Metros. The vast barrier mountain sometimes referred to as the ‘Lesser or Southern Wall’ and hundreds of kilometers of open ocean lie between the sites.

Upland/Brix a town well into the Veldt, about a week upcountry from Tantala Metro. Brix lies on the Western Route, at Monitor Pass. A stopping point for caravan trade.

The Narrow Way is a chain of semi-habitable caverns marching off from the mouth of the Great Torrent River. This is the route is used both ways by south bound caravan traffic from Vassa. Eventually opens up into the Southern Vale region.

The Oil Place a vast depression, with ancient steps cut into the walls. Oil bubbles up and runs down one cliff face. Below, entrance to the oil caverns. Off into the Sunless Sea and the object of the Oil Trade.

The Midden Pile area was the objective of the Salvage Trade. Considered too dangerous to visit.

The Shire
The Singing Vale
The Southern Steps
Terriccio/Lake Transcimene District
Trebuli Mutina

Away-Team, Player Characters:

C. Team Leader Ezikiel MacSweeny (of the Ministry of Culture; Bard, Luthier, Actor)
C. Sig Zilrock (of the Ministry of Culture; Bard, Botanist, Caving Specialist)
C. Sargent Garbharr (of the Department of Defense; Fighter, Caving Specialist)
C. Glim Turen (of the Ministry of Culture; Warlock, Tinker/Engineer, Printer, Educator)
D. Niryk (of the Ministry of Magic; Initiate Loremaster, Biotinker, Animal Friend)
D. Snurfdar (of the Ministry of Facilities; Initiate Loremaster, Mining Engineer, Surveyor)
D. Famjen (of the Ministry of Biosciences; Botanist, Medic, Acolyte of the Cult of Cerus)
D. Gaerdain Ungart (of the Ministry of Biosciences; Ecologist, Herbalist, Medic)
D. Mhurren Stonefoot (of the Ministry of Facilities; Explorer, Caving Specialist)

Away-Team, Non-Player Characters:

T. Claudia Campula (of the Ministry of Culture; Designated Diplomat, City-State of Tantala)
S. Sirius (of the Ministry of Applied Technology; Equipment Specialist, Marksman)
C. Lucius Vorenus (of the Department of Defense; Security Specialist, Explorer)
C. Titus Pullo (of the Department of Defense; Security Specialist, Explorer)
C. Smiley (of the Ministry of Applied Technology; Photographer, Archivist, Communications Tech)

Vassa-Based Survey Explorers, Non-Player Characters:

M. Roxanna Naxos (of the Ministry of Bioscience; Mission Xenobiologist, Zoologist, AgTech Advisor)
M. Polystasia (of the Ministry of Bioscience; Mission Botanist, Archivist, Φ Equipment Technician)
M. Pelus (of the Ministry of Engineering; Master Surveyor, Geologist, Construction Manager)
M. Bresis Antares (of the Ministry of Engineering; Architect, Archivist, Cartographer)
M. Nitra Tassitia (of the Ministry of Magic; Observer, Archivist)
E. Lukas Longsbeardsson (of the Ministry of Bioscience; Microbiologist, Φ Equipment Technician)
T. Polyandrus Nikkos (of the Ministry of Magic; Sociologist, Designated Diplomat to Vada Volterrana)
T. Barbados (of the Ministry of Applied Technology; Equipment Specialist, Transport Tech)
T. Dandy Pyrmon (of the Ministry of Culture; Archivist, Designated Diplomat to the Shire)
S. Sammes (of the Ministry of Applied Technology; Mechanic, Electrician, Communication Tech)
C. Underlubricator Nesbitt (of the Ministry of Engineering; Black Thumb Mechanical Genius)

Underinspector Grix (Ecology/Internal Security)

M=5th Level, E=4th Level, T=3rd Level, S=2nd Level, C=1st Level, D=0 Level


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